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Louisiana Responsible Vendor Bar Card





Louisiana Responsible Vendor Bar Card

The Louisiana Responsible Vendor Bar Card, also known as the Responsible Vendor or RV card, is an integral part of your ability to create a safe environment for your patrons and adhere to Louisiana State laws. Our courses were designed to maintain compliance with the current laws and it’s imperative that any employees serving or selling alcohol in the state complete RV training. The Benefits of Completing Louisiana Responsible Vendor Bar Card Courses For businesses as well as bartenders and servers, completing the coursework offers multiple benefits that extend beyond compliance. Servers are given excellent information so that they can more accurately determine the proper course of action in every interaction. Businesses are also better protected legally in the even that there is an infraction. Information includes: Legal Liability. Our courses cover all of the specifics of the business and server’s legal responsibility in each scenario. We break this down in easy to understand language so that personnel can be assured that they have all of the information needed to run a successful and safe venture. Signs of Intoxication. There are specific signs of intoxication that servers should be aware of prior to working with the public in regards to alcohol sales. Information on Minors. Different tactics will be covered, including fake ids and issues where minors are having others purchase for them. It’s important that staff knows their responsibility in these situations. ID Protocol. We clearly show the best way to set protocols for checking ID to best stay in compliance with state regulations. Training Courses Available We offer a number of training courses to best meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for training to secure your Louisiana Responsible Vendor Bar Cards in compliance with the Louisiana RV Training, or individual classes for new employees to complete, our training is compliant with Louisiana State requirements. Contact us today for more information or to enroll for your training today.

Updated 11/22/2019


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Louisiana Responsible Vendor Bar Card

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